What I Learned At NORD

In January 2017, community leaders from around New Orleans gathered and shared their personal experiences with NORD through its various programs over the years. Their stories reflect the powerful impact that NORD has had on New Orleans youth, ranging from increased physical activity to life skill development. Hear what the former Mayor, judges, bank presidents and young people have to say about the importance of NORD programming in our community.  

Research Shows....

Most people intuitively understand recreation’s role in crime prevention, public health and long-term community benefits. Academic research supports our intuition.

“The life skills learned through sport help empower individuals and enhance psychosocial well-being, such as increased resiliency, self-esteem and connections with others. [C]ommunities can make the pro-social choice easier than the anti-social choice.” (“The Influence of Sport and Recreation upon Crime Reduction,” 2012; hrmars.com/journals)  

Active kids do better in life: physically active children are 1/10th as likely to be obese, have up to 40% higher test scores, are 15% more likely to go to college and will have 7-8% higher earnings; they are less prone to smoking, using drugs, pregnancy and risky sex, have lower health costs, are more productive at work and have a reduced risk of heart disease, stroke, cancer and diabetes. (The Aspen Institute: youthreport.projectplay.us/). 

Among the important benefits of recreation for the senior population is increased health and fitness, as well as opportunities for socializing, for using skills and talents developed throughout their lifetime, and for learning new skills. (International Organization of Scientific Research: iosrjournals.org) 

The NORD Commission helps people every day find strength in New Orleans. Supporting this mission benefits everyone in our community.

Why Support Recreation?

Snapshot: How Our Community Benefits from Recreation

Community and Family Engagement

After-School and Summer Learning

Sports-Based Youth Development

Decreased Youth Violence/Conflict Resolution 

Jobs for Teens 

High School and College Scholarships for Student Athletes

Anti-Obesity and Healthy Lifestyles

Water Safety

Safe Places to Play

After-School and Summer Meals

Caring Adults/Mentoring

Career Exploration

Cultural Programs/Arts Education

Outdoor Education/Environmental Education

Active Living for Seniors

NORD COMMISSION PROGRAMS, most provided for free or low-fee:

  Aquatics: Water Safety Classes, Swim Lessons for all ages, Junior Lifeguards, Aqua Aerobics Athletics: Youth Athletics for ages 5-14 - Basketball, Track & Field, Baseball/Softball, Volleyball, Flag Football, YLC Kicks Soccer, Louisiana Rugby, Tackle Football, Cheer and Dance Teams; Teen Sports for ages 15-18 in Basketball, Softball, Flag Football; Boxing; Tennis   Cultural Arts: Music – Piano and String; Visual Arts – Ceramics, Teen Filmmaking, Painting and Drawing, Sewing; Dance and Theatre    Fitness: Ballet, Boot Camp, Dance Fitness, Kickboxing, Line Dancing, Pilates, Swing Dancing, Walking Groups, Yoga, Zumba   Outdoor Activities: Fishing, Canoeing, Geocaching, Survival Skills, Nature Walks, Teambuilding, Urban Camping   Teens: Teen Council, Chevron Future Leaders, Teen Summer Career Camps   Youth: Summer Youth Camps, After-School Programs, Free After-School and Summer Meals    Family Events: Movies In The Park, Family Game Nights, Kite Day, Family Fun Walk, Celebrations of Women’s History, Black History and Hispanic Heritage, Easter Eggstravaganza, Halloween Spooktacular, Seniors Day 

Giving Back

Supporting NORD programs benefits everyone in our community. With donations of all sizes, the NORD Commission is better able to serve the people of New Orleans.