Support The NORD Foundation

What Is GiveNOLA Day 2019?

Every year the New Orleans community rallies together to support charities around the region. Hosted by the Greater New Orleans Foundation, GiveNOLA Day is a  24-hour long event on May 7th, 2019 with the mission to inspire people to generously give to the nonprofits that make our city strong!

GiveNOLA Day helps to raise money for the community, it highlights the many different nonprofits in our area, and shows that anybody in New Orleans can become a philanthropist. 

Why Donate To The NORD Foundation?

The NORD Commission (NORDC) provides a wide variety of quality programming and facilities with the help of our generous sponsors and donors. This year, all donations from GiveNOLA Day will support the creation of a special needs playground in New Orleans. This inclusive recreation structure will be the first of its kind at a NORDC park!

The NORD Foundation supports the City’s recreation department (NORDC) by leveraging your private donations to assure all New Orleanians have access to programming, recreational activities and facilities. This play structure will be specifically designed so that people of all abilities can play, engage, and grow in New Orleans.

How To Help Out

It's easy to donate to the NORD Foundation through the GiveNOLA Day website! Donating funds through GiveNOLA Day get an additional boost from their "Lagniappe Fund" making your dollar go even further. The more donations we get, the more likely we are to win the big prize!

Our goal this year is to get the most number of unique donations! Donating just $10 through GiveNOLA Day can make a huge impact for inclusive recreation in our city.

Donations can be scheduled in advance starting on May 1st, 2019 so mark your calendars! Donations must be made by 11:59:59 on May 7th to count for GiveNOLA Day.